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Our School

‘Inspiring ambition and celebrating every step as one’

A warm welcome from SET Felix Primary. Here we want children to be happy, secure and become life-long learners.

Children join us in Reception and we have the privilege of seeing the children develop into independent learners as they start their journey with us. All staff work hard to enable your child to make progress and as such we also value the interest and support that family members can give us, your child will be successful as we all work together as a team.

We currently have 320 children on roll, with the organisation of classes changing each year based on pupil need.

Currently we have;

  • 1 x Reception Class
  • 1 x Year 1 Class
  • 1 x Year 2 Class
  • 1 x Year 3 Class
  • 1 x mixed Year 3 and 4 Class
  • 1 x Year 4 Class
  • 1 x Year 5 Class
  • 1 x mixed Year 5 and 6 Class
  • 1 x Year 6 Class

Having completed Year 6 at SET Felix Primary, the majority of children transfer to Felixstowe School. Children may also transfer to other local High Schools, Academies or an Independent High School including our own SET Saxmundham.

Parent consultation evenings are held at SET Felix Primary each year to give parents the opportunity to discuss their children’s progress. We also have an Open Door policy for parents to come in and discuss concerns at any time. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment via the school office to speak to the Pastoral Team, SEN Team or your child’s class teacher.

At our school we also host Local Authority Special Needs provision classes. We have a 12 place specialist provision class for Early Years and KS1 children for pupils with a variety of special educational needs. These children are in receipt of an EHCP and are identified by the special needs officers in Suffolk.

We also have an 18 place KS2 cognition and learning class and an 18 place KS2 communication and interaction class. Children will need an EHCP to access the provision and the School they attend is required to apply for a place from the Local Authority. The majority of the children in our specialist provision will move onto local specialist schools. Where appropriate children may transition to a mainstream high school.