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Our Vision

Inspiring ambition and celebrating every step as one

Our Mission

To create an outstanding learning community for all.

Our Values

Integrity – We will always display honesty, trust, thoughtfulness and an unrelenting respect in all that we do.

Striving for Excellence – We will always respond to the emerging needs of our students, pupils and colleagues by seeking feedback on our personal performance and by taking ourselves out of our comfort zone.

Collaboration – We will work to break down silos and to ensure that all colleagues and all students benefit from new initiatives.

Determination – We will never knowingly allow ourselves or others to opt out in our drive to do the very best for our students and colleagues.

Empowering – We will always look to build confidence and strength in others by affording them the autonomy and independence they need in order to step up and to make decisions.

Our Strategic Objectives

  • Delivering consistent quality of education
  • Building resilience, capacity and sustainability

Our Ethos

We recognise when children enjoy they become a successful learner who:
  • Enjoys learning and develops an enquiring mind;
  • Is motivated, confident and independent learners;
  • Has research and problem solving skills.
We recognise when children achieve they become confident individuals who:
  • Can form and maintain relationships and work independently or in a team;
  • Is aware of their strengths and areas to develop;
  • Can set themselves goals and work to fulfil their potential;
  • Take risks and can feel a sense of achievement;
  • Has self-esteem,
  • Can deal with change and uncertainty.
We recognise that when children are thriving they become a valued member of the community who:
  • Have a voice, join in and feel valued;
  • Is aware of and is able to express their own feelings and has empathy for the feelings of others;
  • Behaves responsibly;
  • Is aware of their rights;
  • Takes pride in their own culture and is able to respect the culture of others;
  • Make informed choices about health, relationships and behaviour;
  • Are treated as unique and individual citizens;
  • Is able to reflect on experiences which are personal and full of wonder.