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Attendance Procedures

Why regular School attendance is so important:
  • To achieve your full potential – an attendance percentage of 90% means the equivalent of 20 missed days of learning;
  • To build confidence and self-esteem – children who miss a lot of School time often feel nervous about returning to school and can find it harder to catch up with their peers;
  • To develop social skills and make friends – children can find it harder to integrate themselves into friendship groups when their School attendance isn’t regular.
What parents can do to help:
  • Contact the School promptly on the morning of every absence – Please see below on how to do this;
  • Make every effort to arrange medical and dental appointments outside of School hours;
  • Encourage your child to attend regularly and build a routine;
  • Support the School in ensuring that your child arrives promptly at School every day;
  • Contact the School to discuss any problems or emerging issues with your child;
  • Praise and reward your child’s achievements at School.
How we will support you:
  • We want to work with you as parents/carers to help keep your child’s attendance above our target of 95%;
  • As a School we work closely with the local Education Welfare Officer to ensure children are getting the most out of their education by attending regularly;
  • Each half term we hold a meeting with the Education Welfare Officer and any child falling below 95% may be discussed and a letter of concern may be sent home so that you are made aware;
  • We may also invite you to a meeting to see if we can resolve any issues there may be surrounding attendance. If there are issues at home that are preventing your child attending every day, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may support you;
  • If you wish to contact our Educational Welfare Officer, Richard Couldbridge his details are:

Please remember:

Including School holidays, bank holidays, PD days and weekends, students get over 160 days off where holidays can be booked. Leave of absence during term time can be requested but is likely to be unauthorised by us unless the ‘exceptional circumstance’ criteria is met. Unauthorised absences could lead to a penalty notice being issued.

Contact details

To notify SET Felix Primary of an absence please:

  • Telephone 01394 283374