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Severe Weather Procedure

The following statements have been taken from the County Code of Practice and set out what we will do, in the event of severe weather.

Parents have a duty to ensure that their children attend School if at all possible.

All staff have a duty to attend their School and should make every effort to report for work.

The decision to close a School will be taken as a last resort.

The assumption should be that a School is normally regarded as open unless and until a decision has been made by Mrs Hearn.

A decision on whether to close the School will be made on consideration of the following information:

  • Serviceability of School buildings and conditions around the School area.
  • Road conditions: first-hand experience and conversations with the caretakers along with local members of staff.

If, in the light of information gathered, a decision is made to close the School, the Headteacher Mrs Hearn will, as early as possible, usually between 6.00-7.30am:

  • Contact the County Zone officer who will publicise the closure on radio stations;
  • Contact staff, via a planned system;
  • Contact the Chair of Trustees

In the event of School closure, we will send out as Parentmail text to all registered parents.

We also hope to have a member of staff available at School, to answer the phone and any queries. However, this may not be possible so we would ask parents and carers to check the following radio stations and websites, rather than phone the School office.

These websites are updated frequently so all information is accurate. We hope the above helps to avoid any confusion, if severe weather becomes a problem.