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Pupils at SET Felix are keen to learn and know that to do their best they need to be ‘ready, safe and respectful’. They feel happy and safe and say that everyone is included at their school.

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Annual Applications for Reception Suffolk County Council handles the annual admissions process on behalf of SET Felix Primary. Applications for places for the start of Reception should be made on Suffolk County Council’s Application Form. The application form should be submitted in accordance with the Local Authority’s published deadlines for applications. The current deadline for

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Transition is when your child moves from one educational phase to the next, for example from Key Stage One (age 5-7) to Key Stage Two (7-11). Change is a normal part of life and can provide opportunities for children to develop their resilience. At SET Felix Primary, the transition period is gradual which allows the children to adapt to their new routine. Class teachers will monitor any children who may need extra time and support to adapt.

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