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Annual Applications for Reception

Suffolk County Council handles the annual admissions process on behalf of SET Felix Primary.

Applications for places for the start of Reception should be made on Suffolk County Council’s Application Form.

The application form should be submitted in accordance with the Local Authority’s published deadlines for applications. The current deadline for applying for a primary, infant or junior school place for the 2024/2025 school year is Monday 15th January 2024.

Further Information

At all times, in the event of over subscription a range of criteria are applied by the School’s Local Advisory Board in determining applications. These are clearly laid out in the admissions policy.

Parents who make a late application will be considered after those received by the deadline, according to the criteria listed in the ‘Schools in Suffolk’ booklet. It is necessary to apply at each stage of transfer for any School, which is not your catchment area School.

Contact Us For More Information

For more information on admissions, please refer to the booklet ‘Schools in Suffolk’, which will be given on application for a place at the School for the start of Reception and Year 3.


Call: 0345 600 0981

In-Year Applications

In-year admissions will be dealt with by the Felix Primary School.

Please complete and return your admissions form to the School Office if you wish to apply for a School place for a child already in primary education.

Please note that once a decision has been reached, your information will be shared with Suffolk County Council Admissions Team for the purpose of allowing them to keep up to date figures on availability of school places in the area. All personal data is processed in line with the Data Protection Act 2018. Please see the attached parental GDPR information.

In year applications for school places in all year groups run from 1 September to 21 July.

Waiting lists

Where the number of students exceeds the PAN in any year group, the Seckford Education Trust will maintain an in-year waiting list. If you are on the list, the Trust will notify you when a place becomes available. See the Admissions Policy for more information on how waiting lists are administered.


Suffolk County Council’s education department oversees the admissions appeals process in Suffolk. Please click here to visit Suffolk County Council’s website for further information. Appeals are usually heard within 40 School days of the published closing date (after National Offer Day). If this deadline has passed then your appeal will be heard at a later date.

In-year appeals are generally heard within 30 School days of your form being received.