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At SET Felix Primary we love to give praise and rewards, and they come in many different forms!

House tokens – These are given for following the SET Felix rules of – Listen respectfully, Talk  respectfully, Act respectfully

The house team with the most points at the end of a term receives a reward from the Head of School.

Recognition board – Each class has their own recognition board. Any child who is showing really positive behaviour and learning will have their names written on the recognition board. One child will then be chosen for the Head of School’s ‘Weekly Head of School Recognition’ and they will receive a certificate.

Class praise certificates – Each week, 3 children will be chosen in each class to receive a certificate to praise their learning or behaviour.

Class reward – Each class collects class points. This will lead to a class treat when a certain number of points have been collected!

Raffle tickets – Some classes give out raffles tickets for good learning. These are drawn at the end of each week, and the children drawn out can choose a prize from the prize box.

Reading Rewards- Whenever a child has read 20, 40 and 100 times at home, they are rewarded with a prize. Prizes include, book marks, certificates and books.

Stars of the week – 3 children will have their names written on the board outside the classrooms to show others how they have achieved that week.

Super learning certificates – Each week, a child in each class will be chosen to receive a certificate for outstanding work in mathematics, reading or writing.  Each child’s name will be displayed in the hall and a certificate will be sent home.

Praise and rewards really show the children how we respect all of their learning and behaviour, and it is as much of a treat for the staff as well as the children when this praise is shown.