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Meet our new house captains. Lots of children wrote letters to apply to be house captains and these applicants wrote very persuasive letters stating their attributes which would make them perfect candidates for the role.

Meet Astha, house captain for Storey House (red)

Meet Karys, house captain for Tancred House (blue).

Meet Cara, house captain for Attenborough House (green).

Meet Summer, house captain for Bader House (yellow).

Our house captains have already thrown themselves into the role and have led our celebration assemblies each week. They have collected pupil views for lunchtime clubs to support children with playing and making friends and are in the process of setting up a quiet club, perhaps indoors, and an outdoor games club.

Last week, they organised their first litter pick at lunchtime and encouraged children to join in and help. Many of our pupils from all different years volunteered to spend a part of their lunchtimes collecting litter, particularly from the edges of the field where it gets trapped in the hedges and longer grass. By the end, we had 3 bin bags of litter and our grounds looked much smarter. We appreciate the efforts of the house captains and the pride they take in our school and the way in which they encourage others to do so as well.