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Magnificent Music Making!

At Set Felix we are lucky enough to have our very own resident music teacher, Miss Dalton, who not only delivers the music curriculum to classes, but also teaches nuvo toot, guitar and piano!

Music is fun and brings everyone together. It gives children a chance to explore their creativity, building confidence, developing listening skills and appreciating different styles of music.

In School we have a selection of tuned and untuned instruments  –

  •  keyboards, glockenspiels, xylophones, chime bars, guitars, ukuleles, recorders, nuvo toots
  • drums, tambourines, hand cymbals, wood blocks, triangles, maracas, shakers, bells, boomwhackers, cowbells, guiros, claves. agogos, cabasa, castanets 
  • Spring Term – “Other Instruments” – ukulele, saxophone, hand chimes, marimba, glass harp, hurdy gurdy, theremin, octachime
    (instruments shown or on video)

         Spring Term Music 2024